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Hello! I'm Jenna/Jinmuru, a 19-year-old fangirl from Finland. I study Finnish language in university. I have a lot of ships and feelings. You've been warned.


badly written fanfics on a plot you’re interested in



i hate it when you go out with your friends but no one bothers to tell you that you look like a grape




VIP (Very Important Post).

everybody was definitely fucking high in the production of this cartoon

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that was the p l a n





two japanese men walk into a bar. the first japanese man says “i am japanese!” the second japanese man says “i am also japanese!” the bartender then says “well, hey. i’m japanese too”.

the bar was in japan.

must be why everyone is speaking in english

this is a dubbed text post

the manga was better


when i find myself in times of trouble

the 12th doctor comes to me

speaking words of wisdom


  “A scarlet steam engine was waiting next to a platform  packed with people. A sign overhead said Hogwarts Express, eleven o’clock. Harry looked behind him and saw a wrought-iron archway where the barrier had been, with  the words Platform Nine and Three-Quarters on it.
  Smoke from the engine drifted over the heads of the chattering crowd, while cats of every color wound here and there between their legs. Owls hooted to one another in a disgruntled sort of way over the babble and the scraping of heavy trunks.”

Happy September 1st, y’all!